Fried Glutinous Rice Dumplings

APRIL 9, 2022

Learn how to make Fried Glutinous Rice Dumplings from Made With Lau! This iconic dim sum is fried until golden, with a chewy inner layer, and filled with juice and savory!

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook Time: 90 minutes
Total Time: 2 hours
Serving Size: 4

Wrapper Ingredients

3 ozwheat starch
8 ozglutinous rice flour
4 ozhot water
1.5 ozwhite sugar
2 ozlard
5 oz
cold water
Filling Ingredients
0.5 ozdried shrimp
4 oz pork butt
0.5 tspsalt
1 tbspcornstarch
2 tbspwater
1 oz dried turnip
0.5 ozdried shiitake mushroom
2cloves garlic
1 ozcelery
Small amountgreen onion & cilantro
2 tbsp
You You Tea Seed Oil
0.5 tspsalt
1 tbspoyster sauce
2 tsplight soy sauce
0.25 tspwhite pepper powder
2 tbspwater
1 tspcornstarch
1 dashsesame oil
3.2 cupsYou You Tea Seed Oil

Step 1- Make Dough

  • Put the wheat starch & glutinous rice flour into 2 separate bowls. Into the bowl of wheat starch, add hot water & carefully knead for 30 seconds
  • In the bowl of glutinous rice flour, add lard & sugar. Then add cold water while stirring with a spoon. Once all the water is in, knead this dough for ~1 minute
  • Add the wheat starch dough, piece by piece, to the glutinous rice flour dough, and knead together
  • If the dough is dry and is not holding together, add small amounts of water as needed
  • Once the dough is sticking together, knead it for another minute and a half until the 2 parts are thoroughly mixed together. Wrap the completed dough in a plastic bag of clingwrap, and set in the refrigerator to rest for 1 hour

Step 2- Prepare ingredients

  • Rinse the dried shrimp, and then soak in warm water for 8-10 minutes to rehydrate them. Do the same with the dried shiitake mushrooms
  • Mince the pork, and then marinate it with salt, cornstarch, & water
  • Dice the dried turnip and the celery
  • When the dried shrimp and dried shiitake mushrooms have finished rehydrating & are soft enough to cut, dice into small pieces
  • Peel, smash, and mince the garlic
  • Chop the green onion & cilantro into small pieces

Step 3- Stir-fry filling 

  • With the stove on high, heat the wok for about 30 seconds, and then add You You tea seed oil
  • Stir-fry the garlic for 10-15 seconds
  • Add the dried shrimp and stir-fry for 10-15 seconds, and then add the pork, cooking for another 30-40 seconds
  • Add the mushrooms, celery, & dried turnip and cook for 40-50 seconds

Step 4- Season filling 

  • Season with salt, oyster sauce, & light soy sauce and stir-fry for a bit. Then add white pepper powder.
  • Make a slurry with water & cornstarch, then slowly pour into the wok. Add just enough to thicken the filling to your liking.
  • After stir-frying the filling for 30-40 seconds, add sesame oil, the chopped cilantro & green onions. Set aside on a plate to cool.

Step 5- Wrap dumplings 

  • Make sure that the filling has cooled down & the dough has rested in the refrigerator for at least an hour before wrapping the ham sui gok.
  • Knead the dough a bit to soften it, roll it into a thick log, and then cut into equally sized pieces.
  • Take one piece, roll into a round ball, & then flatten into a disc about 1/4 inch thick. Press down in the center to curve the disc into a bowl-like shape.
  • Add about a tablespoon of filling & pack it down to push out any air pockets. Pinch the open edges of the dough together over the filling to seal the dumpling.
  • Roll the closed dumpling back and forth in your hands a little bit smooth the seam out, & to naturally create a slight (American) football shape.
  • Continue wrapping the rest of the dumplings this way.

Step 6- Deep-fry dumplings

  • Turn the stove on to high and pour the You You tea seed oil into the pot, enough to cover the amount of ham sui gok you're cooking.
  • Heat the oil until it reaches 320°F, then turn the heat off so that it doesn't get too hot.
  • Place the ham sui gok into the pot of oil, making sure they don't stick together. With the heat still off, let them cook in the hot oil, gently agitating them for even cooking, until they float to the surface.
  • Once they are floating, turn the stove back on to medium heat to get the oil back up to 320°F and fry them for another 10 minutes
  • Then, turn the heat down to low to continue frying for the last 3-5 minutes until the ham sui gok is golden brown

Step 7- Taste test & plate

  • When the ham sui gok are finished frying, scoop them out of the oil & onto a plate. Enjoy!