MEET OUR tastemakers: daisy and frank


"We especially liked the fact that [tea seed] oil is neutral, so it doesn't impact the flavor of the food itself."

Like many of us, COVID made Daisy and Frank 1. closer as lovers and co-habitators 2. way better cooks. They met at UCLA and started ramping up their cooking together. Now it’s one of their favorite shared interests. Living healthier, cost-effective, and delicious lives is important to them and cooking at home for each other is a sure way to stay on track.

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Daisy and Frank’s dinner parties are the kind that everyone wants to be invited to. One of their favorite memories was over Christmas when they invited a few friends over for braised pork ribs, Korean fried chicken wings, steamed fish, and garlic scallops. Dessert was a “matcha flavored mille crepe cake." (Raise your hand if you’re salivating!) 

D&f's favorite recipe made with tea seed oil

Oyster omlette

Cook It!

Their favorite part of working in the food world is the mutual celebration aspect. Whether someone’s gotten a small raise or there’s a newborn in the family, people celebrate with good food and that happiness is contagious.

D&F's favorite quarantine creations

honey walnut shrimp/Creamy Mushroom Spinach Toast + Poached Eggs/no-bake yogurt tarts/liang-pi

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