MEET OUR tastemaker: DANA RAO


"I love making ginger scallion sauce with my Tea Seed Oil because the oil can be heated to a smoking temperature, which makes the sauce so fragrant."

 Digital nomad, Dana Rao is on the move and tasting everything along the way. Despite the many flavors of American cuisine, her favorites (roasted duck, pork, and dim-sum) are native to her parents’ homeland of Guangzhou, China. 

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Dana’s the host of an on-going sushi night. Friends come over and they hand roll yellowtail and salmon together while “chill pop music” plays in the background. She says the smell of vinegar in rice transports her to a traditional Japanese restaurant and it’s a feeling that makes the food that much more enjoyable.

Dana's favorite recipe made with tea seed oil

Cantonese Poached Chicken with Ginger Scallion Oil

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But the best part about food, for her, is talking about it with her family. When sharing a meal together they'll talk about their favorite recipes, how they're made, and where the tradition of the recipe comes from. She says sharing in this practice together is culture and that's what brings people together.

dana's favorite Foods to cook

kimchi ramen/soft tofu soup/budae jjigae

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