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"Scallion Oil Noodles is such a humble and simple dish but the oil you use can really make or break it. Since Tea Seed Oil is a neutral oil and has great health benefits compared to other oils I've used, it's perfect for this type of dish."

Cooking Malaysian food is a bloodline for Farah. Based in Chicago, IL she’s unwilling to double down on deep dish pizza and hotdogs. Instead she cooks most nights and shares the rich flavors of her culture with friends as a form of communion. 

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For Farah cooking is a bridge between both of her lives, which she loves deeply: American and Malaysian. She recounts a very special Thanksgiving dinner where the typical turkey was served alongside salted egg yolk prawns, fried rice, and sushi. 

Farah's favorite recipe made with tea seed oil

scallion Oil noodles

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Farah reminds us that “everyone loves food,” and therefore it’s the best way we have to get closer to one another, “if people are willing to try new things.” These new things expand our perspectives and make our lives so much more flavorful. 

Farah's go-to MALAYSIAN recipes

chili pan mee /Hainanese chicken rice /creamy butter chicken

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