MEET OUR tastemaker: huong


"I had so much fun integrating [Tea seed oil] into nostalgic recipes, creating something new. "

Meet food artist extraordinaire, Huong. If you scroll her Instagram, you’ll see a beautiful feed of delicately plated dishes native to Vietnam. Like many people that have moved to America, food is Huong’s way of staying connected to the vibrant flavors found in food she grew up on.

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The way Huong’s dishes are presented is hyper-intentional. She finds it a bit ludacris what people are willing to eat and pay for, solely based on the presentation of a dish. “Asian food is so dynamic in flavor but often gets overlooked because sometimes it's not conventionally pretty,” she says. This standard is based on Western ideas of food beauty and often doesn’t line up with what dishes and cuisines hold the most flavor. 

Huong's favorite recipe made with tea seed oil

Huong grew up on “seafood boils,” a dinner hosted by her family where friends and family came over for fresh crab prepped with lemongrass and chili. When she thinks of summer nostalgically, this is where she lands. The windows are open and salty ocean air fills the kitchen. Kids run around her ankles, while adults crack beers and laughter fills the air with a “melody of sounds.”  

Huong's favorite recipes

dim sum dumplings /roasted fairytale eggplant /tropical french toast

Like many, Huong views food as the greatest equalizer. “Once you share food with someone, you connect with them in a way that can begin the best friendships.” “The more you cook and gather, the more you’re able to share and bridge differences.” We couldn’t agree more.

Learn more about Huong's lifestyle and cooking on her Instagram.