"I used to use light olive oil but it just didn't feel 100% right in my asian recipes. I love that I can have something to use that's more authentic to our asian recipes."

Dedicated to raising his Vietnamese roots from the ground, Philippe has culinary connections all over the world. From New York City, to upstate, to Kansas - his traditional Vietnamese dishes are made with a gracious bow to his beloved parents who taught him most of what he knows. 

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Philippe remembers his start in Kansas City at the impressive age of 13, making fried rice with ketchup for his sister - a trick he learned from his father to give the rice that “orange-y red color and that little tang.” Although his family grew up in Kansas City, the distinct sense of Vietnamese culture was still present for him. He says every time the steam from pho hits his face, he's transported back to those earlier years when his love for cooking began, watching his father cook. In this way he learned invaluable lessons about his heritage.

Philippe's favorite recipes made with tea seed oil

kimchi fried rice

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vietnamese okra

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vietnamese scrambled eggs

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In an increasingly divisive world, Philippe says gathering over food has the power to bring people together. “Heated discussions are avoided and instead replaced with food being a way to learn about people, their past, and their culture,” he says. When we understand more about where people come from, there’s a kind of peace that replaces the division instead.

philippe's favorite vietnamese dishes

braised pork belly/fried tofu/crispy crepes/poppa trinh's famous chicken pho

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