Vietnamese fried lemongrass tofu vermicelli bowl 

By Sally Ha (@maihomecooking)
Nov 25, 2021

This healthy Vietnamese vermicelli bowl is also known as Bun Dau Hu Chien Sa. Made with super crispy tofu, this recipe is vegan, super refreshing and filling! 

Prep Time: 15 mintes
Cook time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Serving Size: 2


12 ozextra firm tofu 
½ cupchopped lemongrass (fresh or frozen)
bird's eye chili pepper sliced (optional)
½ tspsugar
¼ tsp
5 tbsp 
Yóu Yóu Tea seed oil 
¼ tsp 
mushroom bouillon
7 oz
uncooked vermicelli noodles
¼ cupcorn starch


5 tbspsoy sauce
3 tbspsugar
3 tbsprice vinegar
1 tbspminced garlic
bird's eye chili sliced (optional)


crushed peanuts 
fried shallots 
fresh veggies and herbs of your choice (e.g. cucumber slices, lettuce slices, bean sprouts, mint, cilantro, and pickled carrots)



  • Cook vermicelli noodles per package instructions.
  • While noodles are cooking you can start the prep work. Finely chop your lemongrass or you can also buy pre chopped frozen lemongrass. Thinly slice your scallions, chilies and your fresh veggies such as cucumbers and lettuce. 
  • Prepare dressing by mixing together all the ingredients.
  • Cut tofu into bite size pieces and lightly coat in cornstarch.
  • In a wok or pan, heat up neutral oil on medium high heat. You need enough oil to cover half the depth of the tofu.
  • Fry the tofu pieces till they are crispy and golden on all sides then set aside.
  • Discard most of the oil, reserving about 2 tbsp. On medium high heat, add in the minced garlic, chopped lemongrass, 1 birds eye chili sliced if you want a spicy kick and sauté for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Add in the fried tofu and season with sugar, salt and mushroom bouillon. Mix well and cook for about another minute.
  • Make your scallion oil by sauteing the chopped scallions in about 2 tbsp of neutral oil on medium high heat till the scallions are soft (about 45 seconds).
  • Now time to assemble your bowl! Add your vermicelli noodles, your fresh veggies and herbs, fried tofu, spread on the scallion oil and garnish with crushed peanuts and fried shallots. Lastly, pour on some dressing and enjoy!