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We get it, the names sound similar, but tea seed oil and tea tree oil are completely unrelated! Tea seed oil comes from the camellia flower (or tea plant) native to Asia, whereas tea tree oil comes from the narrow-leaved paperbark (or tea tree) found in Australia, which is a wholly different and distant species. Tea Seed Oil is used in cosmetics and cooking, while Tea Tree Oil is mainly used in aromatherapy.

Tea Seed Oil has a neutral flavor so it's a perfect base to build a salad dressing from -- especially as a lighter and healthier alternative to other oils.

Dishes requiring high-heat that use the wrong oil are stripped of their nutrients when they burn. The burning also leads to poisonous fumes leaking into the air. Tea Seed Oil has a high smoke point, unlike sunflower or avocado oil, which means it won鈥檛 burn.

Tea Seed Oil has been cultivated, produced, and used in Asia for centuries. Because of it鈥檚 neutral flavor and high smoke point it鈥檚 come to be known as the 鈥渙live oil of the East.鈥 To learn more about the oil鈥檚 history visit our about page.

Tea Seed Oil has a silky texture and a slightly nutty flavor (without using any nuts!). Tea Seed is a complimentary oil and takes on the flavor of whatever it鈥檚 cooking.

They're 100% recyclable (or reusable as a flower vase if you're being creative 馃槈).

Tea Seed Oil can be used in many different ways. Because of its high smoke point, it鈥檚 perfect for roasting, frying, or saut茅ing in a wok. Alternatively, because of it鈥檚 neutral flavor it鈥檚 great for salad dressings too. Check out some of our favorite recipes for more inspiration.

Tea Seed Oil contains antioxidants called catechins (also found in green tea), which help to prevent cell damage by reducing free radicals forming in the body. These free radicals play a role in aging and many other diseases.

Tea Seed Oil also has extremely high levels of unsaturated fats and contains a similar fatty acid profile to olive oil, but with the added benefit of more omega-3 fatty acids, and less omega-6 fatty acids. Cholesterol-free, and pumped with Vitamin E, A, B, and other minerals 鈥 Tea Seed is one of the most nutritious oils you can cook with.

We鈥檙e an international team based in Hong Kong partnering with one of the top producers of tea seed oil in the world. Click here to learn more.

Our oil is made without additives 鈥 it鈥檚 100% purely Organic Tea Seed Oil extracted after 7 years from camellia seeds.

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We currently offer tea seed oil in 500mL glass bottles.


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