Jiā Yóu!

It literally means: “Add Oil,” but what does it really mean?

Jiā Yóu is the Chinese phrase for “Add Oil” and it’s one of the most versatile phrases within the Chinese lexicon. It can mean cheers, good luck, you can do it -- all in one -- it’s the ultimate words of encouragement! Whether you’re in the middle of an intense competition or having a tough time on a project.Jiā Yóu is meant to fire you up and get you through it. 

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It’s amazing what a little bit of oil can do… from making the perfect potstickers to bonding over a delicious meal. But it’s not just about food. We all resonate with “Adding Oil” because it’s about helping each other through hard times. It’s about supporting your loved ones. It’s about creating positive energy to overcome any obstacle. Make every moment count and “Add Oil”!

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From Us to Yóu, Jiā Yóu! 💛